‘The photographer is one of the many’ Krakow 14 May – 11 June 2016

Shootme Art Photographers

Can we agree with the motto that “the photographer is one of the many co-authors of a larger team, cited alongside stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists, producers and models, or on the other hand – an independent, or fighting for the independence artist, consciously and consistently pursuing his own artistic expressions”?

The exhibition “The Photographer is one of the many… “ presents selected projects of four photographers – Pawel Fabjanski, Karol Grygoruk, Jacek Kołodziejski and Lukasz Ziętek – members of Shootme, a commercial photography agency based in Warsaw, which combines art and commerce, individual style and requirements of the commercial customer.

Questions about the authenticity of artistic expression, originality of the creator and his concepts, and innovative medium of photography are embedded into the context of the modern world of advertising.

Doesn’t the artist deny himself acting in two worlds: commercial and art?

The exhibition will be accompanied with the presentation and sales of the first Photobook, presenting the work of the four mentioned photographers.

The exhibition was previously shown in Warsaw, 18-20 March 2016 as a pop-up debut show launching the creative platform SHOOTME ART,  a new stage and development of Shootme, a commercial photo agency.


14  May – 11 June  2016

Stolarska 5/4, Krakow

Curators Wiktoria Michalkiewicz & Klara Czarniewska

Shootme Art Photography

An object study

Paweł Fabjański in conversation with Wiktoria Michałkiewicz – 11 May, 6×7 Leica Gallery, Mysia 3 Warsaw